What are the stages of construction?

  1. Design Phase – includes the preparation of schematic design and development of design details. The designer/engineer/architect communicates his/her proposed design to you. It is in this stage that the designer/engineer/architect and the owner work out the specifics to arrive to a design acceptable to the latter. Several drafts are made by the designer/engineer/architect during these phase until such time that a final draft is accepted.

  2. Construction Documentation – the designer/engineer/architect works on documents that will eventually be submitted to the local jurisdiction for building permit and locational permit. These documents are all incorporated in one plan referred as the building plan or blue print. These building plans are presented for approval by the City Building Official.

  3. Construction Phase – this refers to the actual construction works. The contractor is tasked to employ the workers needed for the construction as well as secure the necessary equipment and work permits for the project.


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