A foreman can build a livable house and maybe a nice one but it may lack the expertise that an Engineer/Designer/Contractor/Architect possessed specifically on the subjects of design, aesthetics, structural integrity & safety, fire safety and functionality. An Engineer/Designer/Contractor/Architect is a professional who undergoes years of study in their respective fields. These professionals are PRC-license yet still continue to attend seminars/trainings required by the PRC through Continuing Professional Development. They are well-verse in the modern techniques and technological advancements in the field of engineering and construction. These professionals adhere to the standards on quality and safety as provided in the National Building Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, etc.

As owner, you have a lot of thinking to do when deciding which option you are going to take. You have to weigh carefully your priority between quality and cost. As stated, there is no such thing as the highest quality at the lowest cost. If you want quality, it will cost you more. If you want low cost, you will get what you pay for. If you choose low cost, you will spend more on the long-run due to repairs, fixes and yearly maintenance. Overall, you will realize in the end that you have spent more by choosing low cost than quality. Fact is, by choosing low cost, an owner is always on the lookout for the safety of his/her family.

ANALOGY: When you are going to undergo surgery you would want to go to an expert in the field of surgery and ensure that the Doctor doing the operation is not just any doctor but a Certified and Licensed Surgeon.  You would not want to go to any Doctor, Quack Doctor, a hospital attendant, a Nurse or even an Unlicensed Surgeon just so you will get huge discounts or low price. Your life is on the line.  The operation may appear to be successful on the onset, but your life remain uncertain due to unforeseen reaction and long term side effects. Worse is when you develop complications and you have to undergo another surgery to rectify it. Surely, your expenses will be doubled as compared to when you had sought the services of a Licensed Surgeon in the first place.

In house construction, we are talking about investing your money which might have taken you a lifetime to save. Therefore, you have to ensure that the house you are going to build have the quality, aesthetics and structurally sound and safe. Your dream house should last for many years. It should be a house that could be a home not only by your present family but livable still by the generations to come.


A contractor who charges more, say P 20,000 per square meter but delivers an excellent job is many times better than hiring a contractor who charges low, say P 15,000 per square meter but delivers a poor and substandard work.

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