How can I be assured with the money I parted with? Am I getting the best value for my money?

It is a must that you should deal only with license and registered contractor. A-1 Ultrabuilders Construction Co. is SEC registered company and holds a contractor’s license (PCAB license no. 36017), thus, you can be assured that we are a legitimate business entity. The money that you entrust with us is in good hands and shall be religiously used for its intended purpose. Most importantly, never hire a contractor without a written contract. A contract shall be your shield in case of erring contractor. A-1 Ultrabuilders Construction has a pre-forma written contract which is ready to be signed in case an agreement is reach. 

You can also be assured that the materials that will be used in the construction conform to the plans and specifications. We are a trustworthy contractor. We value the trust and confidence extended to us by our clients. It is these values that enable our company’s continued existence. Client satisfaction, quality and product outcome beyond expectation are the best determinants that you’re actually getting your money’s worth.

Be watchful of a contractor offering huge discounts. It is a cause for alarm. They are usually backstabbing legitimate and competent contractors, and promising to offer construction works at the lowest cost. This kind of contractors is usually unregistered and unlicensed. Be reminded that, there is no such thing as highest quality at the lowest cost. Quality always comes with a price but the end-result is undeniably satisfying and worth-living for.

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